Church leaders are not in danger of being prosecuted by the Obama administration because it gives in to groups that support immigrant rights.

The process for choosing to be a sanctuary church differs from church to church. A number of congregations support sanctuary churches by offering different types of aid to illegal immigrants. Church leaders across the nation are contributing to the growth of the sanctuary movement for illegal immigrants. The movement was started in the past, slowed down, and is developing again since there has not been an immigration reform. Due to gang violence increasing in Central America, more immigrants are entering the US illegally. Church leaders nationwide are upset with the Obama administration’s decisions on immigration and have formed a “network of sanctuaries” to help keep Central Americans safe from ICE.

Their human rights are violated by raids causing fear among those seeking refuge and also by officials deporting immigrants to an unsafe environment in Central America.

At this moment no churches are housing immigrants but many are ready to provide sanctuary for immigrants in need of refuge. More church leaders are interested in offering shelter for immigrant families to protect mothers and children, for these are the immigrants usually in danger of being deported. A church cannot offer legal protection from ICE, however, ICE has a policy in which they cannot enter a public school, church, or hospital to take immigrants into custody.

Church leaders are driven by their faith to continue offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants though they understand that they might break immigration laws. Out of the small number of cases of churches sheltering illegal immigrants, most of them have gained a stay of removal.

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