ICE cannot try to remove someone until they find a person whom they want to try to deport. ICE often works to locate individuals to detain based upon many stereotypical factors such as appearance or language spoken by the individual. ICE agents routinely stop and ask individuals for proof that they were not born in the United States or do not have lawful immigration status. Often these types of stops are unlawful since they are based on prejudicial factors and not based on probable cause. Frequently these stops happen at the border or even in the interior at public places such as courthouses, public transportation stations, traffic stops, and homes and workplaces. Unfortunately, ICE has been using these stereotypical factors farther and farther away from border areas. It is important to know your rights when confronted by ICE agents so as to not only preserve your rights before an immigration judge but to also protect yourself from being accosted by ICE agents while out in public.